Monday, January 17, 2011

That 60's thing!

Saturday night was a blast! My girlfriends and I went to see Showstoppers Live at Casino Arizona. Showstoppers live is an impersonators show. Silly, but fun. It was my gal pal, Kristy's idea to go out and she wanted to do a 60's night. All the girls looked amazing. Sadly the only ones who got their photos taken, were me and Kristy.

I was trying for a Sharon Tate look, but somehow I ended up with an amazing Zsa Zsa Gabor thing happening. Either way, it was a nice way to moderize myself, even for one night. Plus I had a great time with my girls whom I haven't seen in such a long time, except for Alicia. I see that girl all the time. :)

Kristy and me with Elvis!

Kristy and me with Chachi... er... I mean Dean Martin!


  1. love the coat!! Elvis loves to GTL

  2. Kim... Thank you! It was a fun night. The show was fun and I'd like to go back since different "people" perform each night. I'd like to see who else they have!

    Brook... Thanks! the wrap is actually my friend, Alicia's. I didn't have any coats that were 60's so she let me borrow hers. Now the coat my friend, Kristy is wearing, that is also Alicia's. It's lining matches the dress she is wearing underneath! It is gorgeous! Now, what the heck is GTL?

  3. Your hair looks ridiculously awesome!

  4. Miss Tami Lee... Thank you. It's what I could make out of a 30's set I had the day before!