Monday, January 24, 2011

My Elvgrenesque photo for Halo Piercing

Not too long ago I did a couple photos for Halo Piercing, a local piercing joint here in Phoenix. I had almost forgotten about it until a friend of mine mentioned she really liked my photo for Halo. Curious to what she was talking about, I asked and she showed me the latest College Times newspaper and boom! There was my photo in the new ad! Squee!! So here is the ad, the photo and the inspiration!

Click on photos to enlarge.


  1. love it! I initially saw the image in my blog reader and thought it WAS a vintage ad!

  2. Wow this definitely turned out great! What a cool take on the elvgren.

  3. Very impressive work! Well done.

  4. BVV... SQUEE! You just made my day with that! xoxoxox

    AVR... Thanks so much! I was delighted with the way it turned out. Especially since it was a last min decision!

    Brooksie...Aww thank you, Beautiful!

    STMama... Thanks! That was definitely a difficult one to shoot! We didn't have anything to give me proper support, so it was quite painful to achieve! I hope you can't see it in my face. :)

    Miss Matilda... Hehehehe I wish that damn thing fit! I would have been mine had it done just that!

  5. I agree with Baroness Vintage I thought it was actaully a vintage add too! OMG!! you look sooo lovely!!! Where did you get thoses shoes!!!??? Im am in love with them!! You look fab as always -Miss Amethyst

  6. Miss Kristiansen... Thank you!

    Naomi... Thank you! Let me tell you, it was a difficult pose! It doesn't look it, but boy oh boy was it!

    Miss Amethyst... Awww Thank you! xoxoxo Those shoes are by Cole Haan. I don't remember the shoe model name, but they were released a few years back.

  7. This picture is absolutely beautiful! I also really thought it's a vintage ad. You totally did a great job. Thanks for sharing this picture! :)

  8. VLH... Oh thank you! And You're welcome!!