Thursday, June 3, 2010

Western BBQ Fun!

Perry and I hosted a Western themed BBQ for our friends a few weeks back and I am finally able to post video and pics!! It was truly a wonderful time. I think this is the first time I played hostess to something like this and unfortunately I was running around and missed out on many hostess duties like inter-mingling her guests! Eek! Live and learn.

It started just before sundown and everyone showed up in their western threads ready to get their grub on. After we all ate, a few of the boys got together and started a jam. During this I would run between taking photos in our photo area and dancing to the music.

My outfit was on loan from Hollywood Regency Vintage. As many know I had absolutely NO WESTERN! :)

Please check out the video if you will and enjoy the photos. I wonder if people enjoy these types of posts or if the would rather I just stick to outfits and buys. Even though this is "my" blog... I hate making it all about me me me. Look at me. Look what I do. Look what I have. While I do have those types of posts... I like to share experiences I have and the friends I have them with. So let me know if you would rather just see me and my frickin' cute self. Hahaha and I will stop including photos of other people. Hehehe just teasin!


  1. YEAH!!! That looks like the most fun event EVER! LOVE everything about your outfit!

  2. Looks like a whomping good time was had.

    Re: the question... It's interesting that you ask this today... I just wrote a blog entry about something that resembles your question. But in terms of you and your fan base - I think you should continue doing what you do best. You're a dynamic and engaging girl because you stand for a life that does not revolve around modern temptation, but rather a vintage aesthetic with a modern feminist twist. That's engaging and, IMO, a food formula. So keep on keepin' on...

    Anyway, cheers from chicago,


  3. Yee-haw! I love the outfit. It's perfect. :)

  4. It looks like you had real honky tonk fun...and that the festivities lasted long into the night.

    What a great idea for a party!

  5. After that fun filled day...the nap was more than needed...

  6. Uhhhhhhhhhh... the blog is yours, about YOU.
    Trust me, you don't come off as some self-centered twat. Like other people. :-D

    The pics are cute! I LOVE the one of Paul posed with his records, haha!

    Pissed that I had to miss this!

  7. Love your outfit. I have a chilli cook off coming up and I needed some outfit inspiration, I think I got it here. Sorry I missed you last weekend. I got some lovely things at Hollywood Regency.

  8. That looks like you all had such a fun time.