Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vintage Swimwear

Ok, so this isn't the most exciting post I have ever made... or the most exciting post I will ever make, but I wanted to share my day with everyone.

Today Perry and I took a short road trip to Canyon Lake for some swimming. It was nice to get away and just enjoy the day with him. The water was a tad cold at first, but after I finally got in all the way (20 mins later), it was like bath water.

How does this pertain to vintage you ask? Well my suit is from the 50's and Perry is wearing swimming trunks from the 60's! It has a matching shirt, but no photos of that. While I tried to make the photos a bit older than the suits for nostalgia sake, I think the feel is still there.

Click on the photos to enlarge. Enjoy!

We even saw a Road Runner! Beep! Beep!

Afterwords we had some grub at the Tortilla Flats Restaurant. Yum!


  1. What fun photos! I really must get me a swimsuit like that!

    Miss P xx

  2. These pictures are amazing, I love your swimsuit so much!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  3. that looks so wonderful and relaxed; i miss the seaside so much!

  4. Sounds marvellous! And you sure look pretty!

  5. Lovely! I always worry about my vintage swimsuits in the water, especially chlorine pools.
    I just bought a super cute repro Jantzen one-piece....love it!!!

  6. AHhhhh I LOVE these so much!

  7. These photos look lovely! I know I need to get out to the water (ocean) soon!

  8. Miss P... I picked mine up online somewhere years ago. It was one of the first purchases I made and I have used it somehow every year!

    Carys... Thanks! I am so happy I got that suit. Even if I paid 2584254524 dollars for it, I have gotten my wear out of it! :-D

    garofit... It was such a nice afternoon. I think next time I can relax more because I will know where to keep the cameras without having to worry about them. lol

    Frl. Irene Palfy... Aww thank you! I didn't feel too pretty -- no glamour what so ever! Hahaha

    Lucky Dame... I am probably going to get my vintage card revoked for this, but I like to use my vintage and wear it, so if my suit gets ruined, I am like oh well, I'll get another. LOL But now I want to know, where did you get your Jantzen repro? I always liked their suits.

    CC... Thanks! We want to go again and make it a couples' day out! You were on our list.

    Sirens Sexy... Thank you Sweetie! Living in Phx I forgot how fun it is to play in the water!!

  9. I usually use my vintage for everyday but it depends on the item. Some clothes are just barely hanging on by a string....I've had some awesome moments of my dress ripping while on the dance floor. FUN!

    I like to mix-and-match my vintage with repro stuff and modern.

    I got my suit from swimoutlet.com It fit perfect and I didn't worry about the chlorine ruining a vintage suit.

    Here's the link to my blog entry about it: