Monday, August 3, 2009

Hair inspiration: Fleur de Guerre

I made a recent post over at Vintage Hair Elite spotlighting Fleur de Guerre's faux bangs into rolls and was inspired to try it out myself.

photo by Sean Kelly / O'Malley Images

Knowing I needed to set my hair, I set it last night for a morning style. I have often been weary of using a rat... I am a snob about such things and I wanted to think that I could do it without the aid of a rat. Boy, was I wrong. Now, I just have to figure out what kind of rat to use for the bang part of my hair to give a smooth tight appearence. Until then, this is what I ended up with. Also note that the heat was murder on my curls and all that is left are limp locks.


  1. you look great - so you did that w/o a rat? damn good job!

    in past posts of Fleur's she has said she uses a chignon rat cut down (like this probably and i think she mentioned she stitched down the edges. i have one but haven't tried it - i look a mess in bangs but what to give a to just the same.

    i'm looking forward to her tutorial too - so far i'm hooked on hot sticks because of her!

  2. Well it looks brilliant to me! Though I never knew how you could do the faux bamgs without a rat - I need the stability! But you have much more hair than me. And I hate you for it!

  3. Shrinky Inky... Thanks so much... I've done better faux bangs without rats in the past, but I never tried to make them blend with side rolls before, so this was a challenge.

    Thanks for the link, now that I have an idea of what to try out, I think I am going to have to swallow my pride and get one!

    Fleur... Thanks. I think having bleached hair that is very similar to pipe cleaners adds to my faux bangs stability. Hahaha don't hate me for having more hair, it sometimes ruins the authenticity of a style for me!

  4. That looks great! You are both such hair inspirations.