Sunday, November 30, 2008

My new suit.

My new suit and just in time for my date!

I made this suit from a 1940s pattern. It isn't perfect because I am clueless about how to properly sew on collars! Arg! I actually started this suit about a year ago and just never got back to it until now. My friend Amy Jeanne has been sewing like mad and inspired me to do so as well. So instead of starting a new project (which I am notorious for doing) I decided to finish what I had started. Which was perfect because I was in need of a autumn/winter suit. I wanted to add lining since the fabric I was using was pretty thin. Unfortunately I had made the skirt already a year ago and didn't line that, but I was ok with just lining the jacket -- well, as ok as I could have been for never doing a lining before. I wasn't sure how to do it, but I figured it out alright. After I had finished the suit, I realized that I forgot the flaps! Oops!


  1. Wow -- nice outfit.

    And I'm honored to have the first comment here. Best wishes with this blog!

    P.S. May I humbly request you adding "Carole & Co." to your favo(u)rite places online?

  2. You look smashing darling! As always! Kitty

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  4. Wow. I wish my projects came out this well

  5. Hiya sweetie! So glad I ran across your blog! GREAT job on the suit. LOVE your hairdo in this pic too, I'm going to try that!

    I haven't been around the lounge lately, actually not since I got cought up in these crazy blogs. See you 'round!
    (ohairas on FL)

  6. Hi, Lolita! Is it OK if I use the pictures of your suit in a blog post I'm doing which is all about suits (not surprisingly) I love.
    -Andi x

  7. I am so impressed that you made that your self. It looks great!