Thursday, January 21, 2016

Jeu Diabolique - Wicked Game

Earlier this month I did a soft debut of my new act, Jeu Diabolique (Wicked Game). This act has been in my head for over 10 years just waiting and waiting and waiting to be made. I have been putting it off until I could get my dream fans built.

When Dick Ginger asked if I wanted to be in his tiki themed show, Winter Wipeout, I decided that I would finally make Jeu Diabolique happen with or without my dream fans. Luckily for me Dick's wife, Mae du Luc, let me borrow her fans for the act. I made the base costume for the act, but will be redoing it with it's originally intended Art Nouveau inspired design. Not to mention -- I shall get my fans!! Muhahahaha!!

I just wanted to share some photos from the soft debut of Jeu Diabolique. I am even more excited to debut the full act in the future!

Click on any picture to enlarge.


  1. I like your headpiece. It is very Mucha-inspired. Fan acts are great. Xx

    1. Thank you!! I am looking forward to revising it and giving it an even more Mucha inspired look!!