Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pinup Hair and Makeup with Cherry Dollface

The class of Cherry Dollface's Pinup Hair and Makeup Class of Las Vegas!

This past Sunday, I was honored to be one of Cherry Dollface's hair models for her Pinup Hair and Makeup class here in Las Vegas. The class was being held at Amber Joy's Vintage Closet, a new vintage store in town.

I first met Cherry online many moons ago, back in LiveJournal days... remember those? However, it was this past Sunday that had me meeting her in person for the first time in probably 10-12 years since we first became familiar with each other online.

It's a LiveJournal Reunion!

Cherry was every bit of the doll she is in her videos and her class was amazing! I'm not going to lie. I consider myself a vintage hair Snobby McKnowitall, but Cherry's class has me learning things I didn't even know! So it just goes to show YOU CAN ALWAYS LEARN SOMETHING NEW! I highly recommend taking her class if she is in the area! She provides a welcoming atmosphere where girlfriends are just hanging out talking about hair and makeup. A great way to spend an afternoon if you ask me!

Myself along with Cherry's other model, Victoria "Burn".

Amber Joy's Vintage Closet was the perfect setting for the class. Talk about a hostess! She is every bit as beautiful on the inside as she is the outside. I look forward to finding myself back in her store in the near future.

Hostess Amber Burkhart and Cherry Dollface

Cherry used me as her victory rolls model and what a do it was!!

Thank you Cherry Dollface for having me as your model! You are a joy!

We're awesome!

 *pictures shamelessly stolen from Cherry Dollface and Amber Joys Vintage Closet*


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I think I am going to keep it for awhile, I really like it too!

  2. What a fun day of primping. And a special kudos to celebs who are still real people (yourself included)!

    1. It really was a lot of fun! You are funny! I am hardly a celebrity. :) Cherry however is quite wonderful!

  3. I just signed up for a class with Cherry Dollface when she comes to Massachusetts next month, now I'm even more excited. It looks like so much fun!

    1. You are going to have a wonderful time, Sarah!