Tuesday, January 28, 2014

From Waves to Ridges

Hah! See what I did there with the title? No... ah well. I never claimed to be funny...

The last few nights I have been practicing finger waves. Now that I have a somewhat hold on the pin curl, the only other  classic style technique that has evaded my mastering has been the finger wave. A lot of it has to do with the thickness of my hair, however I am not about to let that stop me from successfully learning the technique after a few fails.

Before heading to bed, I set my hair the best I could using duck bill clips to set the wave. I knew before I went to sleep that the waves were going to be too big for what I wanted. However I wanted to see what the results would be and use that as a jumping off point to improve.

I was happy enough with the outcome the next morning. Not thrilled or 100% happy, but happy enough. Just as I suspected my waves were waves and not the tighter waves of the finger wave.

Attempt 1. Larger sculpted waves. Click to enlarge.

That night I hoped in the shower and washed out the waves just to try a new technique. I am not saying just yet what that technique is because I want to improve upon it and create a tutorial as well. Improve upon it I do need to do!

The results weren't as nice, however you can see the waves are tighter and have some slight ridging. Recently I had "one of those days" and chopped and chopped and chopped away at my hair. The result was horrible and part of my failing with this technique is due to the super short choppy "layers" I put in my hair.

Attempt 2. Tighter waves and slight ridges. Click to enlarge.

So again last night I showered it out and started all over. The results are...

Attempt 3. Much tighter waves and slightly tighter ridges. Click to enlarge.

Not great, but better-ish. My waves were tighter, more pronounced, and had tighter ridges. However, the style turned out more 20s than the 30s I prefer.

I'll keep on practicing and learn from my mistakes. I do owe a few tutorials before I can get to this one, so it may take a moment. Which is ok by me because these versions are not tutorial ready yet.

The one thing that I don't much care for with finger waves is the amount of product is in my hair to make it behave even this much. The thickness and poofiness of my hair texture requires a bit more caking of the goop! I guess I will just have to get used to it!

How is your 2014 going so far? Any new hair styles you all are trying out?


  1. WOW. You're like, a hair whisperer! these are SO PRETTY and look great on you. in the last pictures you look like Jean Harlow and I'm not kidding. I love to read about others hairstyling experiences, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Abigail! Jean is my #1 gal! Well, tied with Ginger, anyway. Reading that is the greatest compliment I can receive! Thank you. I do have a lot of fun with my hair and look forward to more experiments! :)