Monday, December 12, 2011

New Confetti Earrings and Bangles from Miss Tayva Jewelry

Just when I think Miss Tayva can't top herself, she whips up these hot items! Confetti Earrings and Bangles! Done in classic and modern color combinations... sure to add just the right touch to your outfit! It's always a nice surprise when you find confetti jewelry out and about, but that doesn't happen quite as often as we'd like it to... so now you can get your own set to match whatever outfit you want!! She is amazing with the treats she comes up with! I'm going to buy me a set soon, but I don't know what colors I should get. Help me!!! And get yourself a set too! These are already flying from her shelves so make sure you order yourself some! Tell her Lolita sent you! xoxoxox

Red Carpet Rock n Roll all the way!

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