Saturday, February 12, 2011

Will Work for Vintage

My vintage obsession by far is hats. I will wear the hell out of them if they fit. So I was happy to see that a friend of mine needed my help and was willing to pay me in vintage. Yay!! So I got these 3 lovlies!! You can see that by the looks of them I have given them appropriate names.

Forgive the squaw shirt and the ugly face... It's too late in the evening to give a damn! Also these are "in the mirror" photos. Note to self: Clean those damn mirrors!

So who else collects and WEARS hats? Please post a photo of you in your favourite, or just tell me about it. I am obsessed with HATS!!!

The Ginger (Rogers)
Possibly being renamed the Fay Wray reason as seen in the photo below (stolen from Miss Matilda).

The Jean (Harlow)

The Sylvia Fowler


  1. I collect them with the intent to actually wear them, I'm just bad about actually doing it

  2. Hehehe Same here. I have soooo many hats, but no outfits that match usually. I need to change that so I can wear the pretties I have! My Ginger and Jean will be easier to wear since they are both super casual.

  3. me too I wear mine, I'm all ove rthe net in hats! My fave is this one and I'm not wearing it!!

  4. Awwww Puppy looks amazing in it! But oh my... what's that I spy with my little eye... My "Ginger" hat looks an awful lot like the Fay Wray hat!!

  5. i love hats too! Most of my hats are of the more masculine variety, but my girliest is my favourite. Red velvet, bows, a veil and rhinestones! It's fabulous!

    btw I'd kill for the Sylvia

  6. You mean like porkpies, fedoras, and newsboys/driving caps? I love those too!! I am all about "old man" hats! Oh you will have to post a photo sometime (if you already have and I missed it I am sorry.) it sounds devine! The Sylvia is going to be a hard one for me to wear, but I can't turn down a great hat unless it doesn't fit. These ones all did! So... what to wear what to wear!

  7. I love hats but I have never suited them ever! I look ridiculous in hats, I don't know if it's my amazingly thick hair which means hats never quite sit right on my head, it's sad though :o( I do love hats!

  8. I am a hat junkie too, and I wear them, I am all for a beautiful, yet functional collection. That's the reason why lately, as much as I am attracted to very OTT hats, I am trying to be more reasonable in my purchases, as ultimately I want to wear them.
    I love the first 2, I am on the look out for those shapes too, as 30's is pretty much my decade of choice. As far as 40s are concerned, I like this decade mostly for the hats, which were indeed spectacular, if crazy at times.

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  10. now those are some fantastic hats!!! Awesome!