Friday, December 10, 2010

Singing in the Rain

I know I am going to get a lot of flack for this, but...

I finally saw Singing in the Rain for the first time ever. What a lame movie. I didn't know it was supposed to be cheesy, but once I caught on to that part, I liked it a little bit better. However, with it being a "classic" I didn't see how it was any better or different from any other 50's technicolor musical. Everything was great, the songs, costumes, dancing, and acting, but nothing was standout. There are countless other techni-musicals that are just as good as Singing in the Rain, but don't have the prestige that goes with it.

Now I much prefer the Busby Berkeley musicals to the technicolor, but even coming in open minded, I really didn't see the big woohah about it.

I suppose I would say for me, this movie is good on it's own, but disappointed as a renowned classic.


  1. I actually adore this musical, it was one of the first I've ever seen. It's a classic for more than the normal things, because of its detail of a historic time in the history of cinema. But I can see how not everyone would like it.

  2. I think if it were one of my first musicals too, I might like it more. However for me, there wasn't anything outstanding about it. If that makes sense.

  3. Truly? That's one of my absolute favorite old movies! It was one of if not the first I ever saw as well. :)

  4. That's one of my all time favorite movies ever! I can see how someone might not like it though, especially if you went into it with high expectations. That can make all the difference

  5. I actually agree with you. As a whole, it's ok. The only scene I really like shamefully enough is the very famous one with Gene Kelly in the rain. Honestly, that part is wonderful, but the movie is too long, and lacking some of the great songs of some other technicolor musicals. I did also like the costumes quite a lot though!

  6. LOL!
    I secretly think that about a few of those old classics

  7. I just saw Singin In The Rain for the first time, too (thank you TCM) and I thought it was great! But I wasn't expecting much, so you know how that goes...
    The actress who played Lina was hilarious, with that high-pitched voice, and Gene Kelly was so likable. The famous scene of him dancing in the rain was charming!
    I still have that song stuck in my head several days later, now, and I guess that's the sign of a catchy tune...
    No musical will ever touch The Wizard of Oz, or The Sound of Music in my book!

  8. I think it's all hype about the pairing of the two actors, and really besides that it's not much else.

  9. Kir... Yeah... I'm not saying it was a bad movie, just not to my liking. But I expect people to say that about the films I love. One of my personal classics is Girls Just Want to Have Fun with Sarah Jessica Parker. One of my top 3 favourite movies! I am sure others will slag that off and wonder how it is that Singing in the Rain falls short for me when that silly 80's movie rocks my socks. :)

    Betty2tone... It isn't that I didn't like it. It was a good movie. It didn't WOW me. I expected so much more.

    Francy... Yes! That is exactly it. The famous rain scene was adorable , but the rest of the flick was just average good. With the way people refer to it as a classic, I was expecting a much bigger show stopper!

    Trixie... Hehehe me too! Mostly about the actresses and actor of the time though.

    MoMo... Yes, I agree that the Singing in the Rain scene did live up to itself, but the rest of the movie was just average to me. I really wanted to like Lina (as I can find myself relating to her character), but even her I couldn't get into. My favourite character was actually Gene's buddy there. I forgot his name, but I liked him.Tr

    Lisa... I am not denying it was a good movie. (When I referred to it as lame, I meant in a silly sense. I didn't realize prior that it was a silly movie.) I just don't see it as the classic it is constantly refered to.

    Psycho Sue... I can understand that. My friend also told me that the reason why it is such a classic on that part is because it was the first of that kind. The 50's technicolor musical of grandeur. If that is the case, than I understand it. But if not I don't see it any better or any worse than any other showboat of the time.

  10. Oh yes, it's so very cheesy...but since all I watched growing up were old musicals, I'll take a musical any day. :)

  11. Sorry i cottoned on to this so late. In my opinion Singing in the Rain is a fun movie. I like the scene where the guy dances up the wall (Donald someone?) I don't think it's a great film though. But then i hate the Sound of Music! It really makes me want to throw up! My favourite musical is Meet Me in St Louis, you cant beat Judy! The Trolley Song, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, aww! Happy new year from London!

  12. Della... It's definitely cute, but a musical classic... eh...

    Lindy Hopper... Happy New Year to you! I like that scene too. But yes, I too enjoy Meet me in St Louis better. Judy is wonderful!

  13. Ssh! I haven't seen it either... But I have a copy ready and waiting to be watched...

    Miss P xx