Sunday, May 23, 2010


Hi everyone,

Sorry for teh lack of posts lately, but believe me they will be coming soon.

Firstly, I will be making a post about a BBQ my beau and I hosted last weekend. So be on the lookout for photos and video from the night.

Secondly, I can't believe it, but I have reached 300 followers! When I statred this, I just assumed it would only be my friends from LJ that followed me, but low and behold a bunch of you find me just crazy enough to follow. Better still, a few of you have become great online friends of mine! So in order to celebrate 300 followers, I will be having a give-away contest soon, so keep your eyes out for that as well.

Thirdly, and lastly, I wanted to share this funny random. Today I was told that I look like a blonde Dita Von Teese! Hahaha I wish! Sure she is a natural blonde, but even still, I don't think I look like her. Possibly just the style. I don't know. But I still took it as a compliment, since Dita is a beauty! Weird. Any other Dita look a likes out there?

So to close up, just keep an eye out for further postings.




  1. I followed you from LJ (sevenblades) and I am still here!
    I have gotten that I look like Dita in the past, but I don't look like her even a tiny bit. I think it's just that non-vintage lovers have no point of reference for this style!
    You do look like her a little bit, but either way, you're stunning!

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  3. Put it this way, next person to say I look like Dita is gonna get a knuckle sangwish.

    I've been mistaken for her a bazillion times; I've even had paparazzi chase me down in London, thinking I was her. I had to take off my coat in the cold to display the tattoos just so people would leave me alone.

    I think it's just squares who aren't familiar with the style of clothing we wear... and when they see someone clad in vintage they automatically think, "Oh, Dita!"

    Face-wise, nobody looks like Dita or even close... well, except her sister.

  4. Funny! When I showed your blog to my mom, I told her that you're a burlesque dancer...just like Dita in blonde! It is a compliment indeed and it is true :)

  5. Miss Tayva is very much so an image of Dita! I've always thought that (although I've never met you Tayva just see you through the net) stunning gal you are!
    Lo I don't see it beyond style. Your features are different... You're more of a Jean Harlow imo! va va va voom!

  6. i can't wait to see what you wore to your barbecue.