Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July in Jerome.

I spent Independence Day up in Jerome, AZ. My guy had a gig up there and I wanted to spend the holiday with him so I tagged along for the ride. We were able to take small walks around prior to the gig and during the breaks... so it was still fun. I know I would like to go back with him and do more exploring.

After the gig we raced back down to Phoenix, in order to catch the fireworks from Hollywood Regency's parking lot. It was a wonderful day that left us both exhausted and feeling heat stroke.

On to the photos!
Perry tolerating my taking him photo. Er...

Trying to get a cute shot of us.

Yeah... I fancy him.

Hahaha What the heck?

Our family photo... we're more like brother and sister in this photo.

Yes. We ARE this cool!

I am starting to see what is so sexy about these heart shaped glasses...

Studying his signature... you know, just in case. :-D

They are renovating the old theatre... my heart belongs to stage theatres like this!

Perry next to an original film camera!

Get that shot!

Gah... I can't believe I have one of these photos now... Ugh!

Perry standing outside the old bank.

Perry and the bank.

The gig

Outside the Spirit Room where the Jump Back Brothers were playing.

Indian Paul

More photos of the gig and people dancing!

Nina Curry joins for some singing fun.

Al snapping some photos.

Paul sees stars...

Cheers, Paul!

My awesome mirror shots of Perry loading up the truck.

I dig this photo for some reason.


Goodbye Jerome!

Looking good, Pierre.


  1. Well Hello...that's a mighty cute fella ya got there.... I always dig the drummers too! :)


  2. Hehee Thanks. :-D Actually, I am not usually a fan of musicans... let alone drummers. I am more of a lead singer or bass player kind of gal. lol

  3. very cute photos of you and the mr!

  4. Dammit, now I REALLY wish we could have gone. You and I could have really stirred up some trouble, wondering around Jerome all day. Looks like it was tons o fun! Pictures are DARLING! I love the back shot of Perry-it's just cool. I love the third one too!

  5. Boy, you two are too cute!
    -Andi x

  6. Aww, you guys are adorable! Perry's pretty cute - and I love the "1941" photo. ^_^

  7. Thanks everyone. Yeah, I really fancy this one. I think I might try to keep him for awhile. :-D

    Red... You should have come! You would have had a marvelous time.

    Tayva... You hate it because you like corn in your ass.

  8. Hey there gorgeous! You're looking stunning as always, and your man is hawt! Miss you, glad you're well and happy xoxox

  9. Psychokitten... Hey lovely!! How are you? Thank you so much! Yeah, he is a bit of a cutie isn't he?!

    CC... It's Pierre, not me that makes them adorable. I blame it all on him and him making me a happy girl!

  10. Oh what a handsome chap! You've done well there, Dolores!

  11. Thanks, Fleur. I am quite fond of him myself.

  12. Great photos. I really enjoyed them all.

  13. Talk about someone having some fun! One can tell, you're having a ball :) Great shots and captions. I felt like I was there with you.


  14. Keith... I am so happy you liked the photos. I love when people share their fun times! I see far too much whining online. I am guilty of that too, but it is fun to see others' enjoyments!

    Rupert... Thanks for taking the journey with me! I hope you stick around and enjoy future photos I post. :-)