Wednesday, April 1, 2009

TV and Bonnets

As you may already know... today Jenny, Heidi, and I were on tv showcasing Easter Bonnets on tv. I apologize for not knowing the details for everyone to watch, but it was very very very last min.

So last night I set my hair... unfortunately I was unable to let it set long enough to get proper curl and some of my hair was still wet and it was just an overall mess of ick. :( So instead of being a post on the outcome of my hair... I changed it to a post about the vintage hats showcasing.

We had a great time and Heidi was magnificant! I am so happy she was finally on with us! Unfortunately our air time was cut short almost two mins thanks to Tim and Willy and their camera hogging. It did however manage to look wonderful and we got in a lot of needed information for the show.

A funny part in the video is at one point Jenny and I turn towards each other at the exact same time and tilt our heads in as though it were on command. Neither of us knew each other was going to do that and it made us crack up. You'll see that. We did stay in model performance though. :-) Sorry I can't embed. It wont let me so please click on the link!
Easter Bonnets from Hollywood Regency on Channel 3's Good Morning Arizona!

Stupid me forgot the memory card to my camera so we didn't get pictures while there at the station, but Heidi took some of Jenny and me outside her home.

I am almost embaressed to post them because I look terribly chubby. Especially my arms! How the hell can I slim those limbs?! I will still post photos though because nothing will make me work harder for improvement than embaressment. Ok, that's not true... me and hard work don't get along. However me and I could really care less get along like peas in a pod.

Another thing I noticed... this is the second time J and I have worn these dresses together without knowing. Apparently they just go together!

On to the photos!!!
Jenny is my own personal pit scratcher.

What the heck?! Who does this broad think she is?

Jenny can laugh at me all she wants! Imma star!!!

Yay! Friends!

Oh! Stockings!

Hollywood Regency represent!


  1. adorable! makes me want a cute hat right now.

    and I think your arms are just fine!

  2. I waved good bye to my friend once, stopped, then noticed my arm still waving all by itself. :P Stupid arms.

    You look fabulous as always and I think your arms are just fine also.

  3. yes I jokingly refer to my arms as "bingo wings".They seem near impossible to tone,I dont want them buff but I just want them slimmer.I try whenever I take a picture to remind myself NOT to keep my arms on my side because that always makes arms look unflattering.Those pictures are darling!

  4. I am honored and humbled to be awarded the title of Your Personal Pit Scratcher. No, really, I am. (bowing and scraping)

  5. So adroable. that video was cute. you guys are like celebs now :) :)hahaha

  6. Shrinky Inky... You really should get a hat and wear it out!! I always get compliments from girls saying how they love hats but are afraid to wear them. So I am always trying to get gals to wear them!

    And thank you... I'd still like to slim them.

    Trixie... The worse was when I was in the passenger side of the truck and I was holding onto the Oh Shit bar and had the window down... In the mirror I caught my arm waving in the breeze. It was so gross! I almost started crying right there!

    Art deco dame... Bingo Wings! Hahahaha! Yup... just like you I want to slim them... not bulk them.
    Redhead Sadie... You are welcome for the honor. You do your job so well! hahahaha

    Atomic Mama... Hahahah thanks! I always feel silly... especially since I don't concider myself a model! I just like to have fun!