Get your product seen with Lolita Haze! There are great options to choose from for any business's budget. Take a look! For more information about these options or to get started send an email to Advertising.

Provided By. $Varies

Here is a simple and affordable way to get your product seen either on my blog, Vintage Starlet or in 1 of my videos! By sending me your product I will wear*, use*, or show* your product in either a blog post or video. I will also link to your business/product in said form.

*Please note: The Provided By option is just to show and link your product. I will not talk or discuss it beyond the link. For a descriptive option, please see Sponsored Post/Video below.

Sponsored Post/Video. $Varies

Here you can have an entire blog post** or video** dedicated to your product or products. Should you choose to have a Sponsored Video, there will be NO commercials from any other businesses. These videos are all about you! Your business or products will also be linked in said form.

**Please note: With the Sponsorship Post/Video all photos and video rights belong to Lolita Haze and VintageStarlet. While your business may link to the post or video, photos and video cannot be used on business's sale sites in order to sell product. For that, see the Spokes Model option below.

Spokes Model: $Varies

Need a model and professional photos for your business or product? Look no further than Lolita Haze. I will provide for you professionally shot and edited photos that best showcase your product! Use these photos to sell and advertise your products! There are 3 fantastic option styles to choose from; catalog, editorial, advertisement. I will work hard with you to create a unique look that you will be happiest with! Best yet, this option comes with a 6 month NON-Competition Clause***. What does that mean? That means for 6 months at the release of photos, I cannot model for any other similar business so there will be no confusion to which company I am promoting!

***Non-Competition Clause does not include accepting Banner Ads or Video Commercials. It does keep me from accepting competing Provided By, Sponsored Posts/Videos, and Spoke Model advertisements.

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